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Product Description:

Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy is one of the best resins on the market today! With the ease of use for the DIYer or the contractor alike. It is a Zero VOC product that is heat resistant up to 450 degrees! It is also Scratch resistance, U.V. Resistance, and food safe. 

**Note:   If you are pouring a lighter or white countertop we would recommend our Art Coat epoxy as it has the same properties as the regular countertop epoxy but with a higher U.V. protection to help prevent premature ambering from the sun’s U.V. rays, as well as longer working time of approx. 60 - 90 minutes.

Preparation of Substrate:

To prepare for the best results we recommend the following on existing laminate counters. Sand the laminate with a 220-grit disk with an orbital sander to create a mechanical bond with a good quality Bonding Primer. Then you coat your counters with two coats of paint and primer in one with the applicable base colour for your project, sanding with 220 grit between all coats to get the best results. Now you are ready to mix and apply your colour coat of epoxy!


You will apply two coats of epoxy, one will be your colour coat which has your pattern, veins, etc. and a final flood coat to give a smooth final finish. Each of these coats will require 3 ounces per sq. ft for a total of 6 ounces. 

**If you are doing a dirty pour change to 5 ounces for the colour coat and 3 ounces for the finish coat. Total of 8 ounces per sq. ft. of counter.  

To calculate total epoxy needed you would do the following calculation in inches:

Length ?? x Width?? = ?? Divided by 144 = total number of ounces.

Maximum pour depth of 1/8 inch per coat. Coverage will be approx. 20 sq. ft. per gallon with 2 coats at 3 ounces per coat.

How to Mix Stone Coat Counter Epoxy:

Mix for this product is 1:1 ratio pouring part “B” into the mixing bucket first and then part “A”. You can use a paint stick, but the preferred method is a drill and Mixing Paddle for a minimum of 2 – 3 minutes moving drill in the bucket to make sure you mix thoroughly. Remember 3 ounces per sq. ft. for each of the colour coat and finish coat, or 5 ounces per sq. for the colour coat if you are doing a dirty pour.

Sand and Polish or leave High Gloss?

We like to sand and polish our slabs and countertops to bring them to a high-end look and the feel of real stone. This is optional and many customers are happy with their results without the extra work. To do this you will need a Sanding Assortment Kit which contains all sanding and polishing disks needed to accomplish that soft buttery smooth finish!