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Sanding Assortment Pack

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Polishing epoxy takes practice and experience. We recommend practicing on a sample to see the results and sheen level. The brilliant shine and finish achieved with just pouring Stone Coat Countertop epoxy is amazing, this step is optional and again is advanced. These are great sanding discs for removing any small imperfections that may be in your fresh surface. We use these discs to sand our tops to prep them for polishing. This step is optional. You will need a polishing compound on a white foam pad to finish after sanding to get an amazing shine! You can also hone your finish with these discs.

The size is 5" & 6"hook and loop and works with 5  inch random sanders. Sanding Discs included Merka Gold 220(x1), 320 (x1), 400 (x1) and 600 (x1) Aberlon 500,1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 grit(x1)