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Quick Coat Epoxy Kit

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Product Description:

Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy is one of the best resins on the market today! With the ease of use for the DIYer or the contractor alike. It is a Zero VOC product that is heat resistant to 450 degrees! It is also Scratch Resistant; this product is NOT U.V. Resistance.

Artists love using Quick Coat Epoxy to create geodes and beautiful crystal formations on their art pieces. Woodworkers love our Quick Coat for 3D objects, such coating driftwood.  This product has a 15-minute working time, and we recommend this only for very small projects. If your project requires filling in cracks, seams, or knot holes, we recommend adding PolyFiber II Epoxy Thickening Powder. 

How to mix Quick Coat Epoxy:

Mix for this product is 1:1 ratio pouring part “B” into the mixing bucket first and then part “A”. You can use a paint stick to minimize the air bubbles for a minimum of 2 – 3 minutes scraping the sides of the bucket to make sure you mix thoroughly.