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Product Description:

Art Coat Epoxy is much more than the name suggests. It was developed with the artist in mind giving a longer work time (60 – 90 minutes) as well as a higher U.V. rating to help protect the art from the U.V. rays of the sun while preserving the vivid colours used by the artist. The artist is also able to use Alcohol Ink and Acrylic paint to produce their masterpiece. Art Coat has the same ease of use for the DIYer or the experienced artist alike. It is a Zero VOC product that is heat resistant to 450 degrees! It is also Scratch resistance, U.V. Resistance, and food safe.

*Note: If you are pouring a lighter or white countertop we would recommend our Art Coat Epoxy as it has the same properties as the regular countertop epoxy but with a higher U.V. protection to help prevent premature ambering from the sun’s U.V. rays, as well as longer working time of approx. 60 - 90 minutes. For directions please refer to the Stone Coat Epoxy page.

How to Mix Art Coat Epoxy:

Mix for this product is 1:1 ratio pouring part “B” into the mixing bucket first and then part “A”. You can use a paint stick, but the preferred method is a drill and Mixing Paddle for a minimum of 2 – 3 minutes moving drill in the bucket to make sure you mix thoroughly.