How much Stone Coat epoxy do I need for my project?

For countertops that are made out of MDF, or going over Formica or Corian type countertops you'll need 1 gallon for every 40-50 Square Feet of surface per flood coat. When we do Stone Coat Countertop projects we like to do 2 flood coats, one coat with all the great color effects, and a second flood coat with just clear Stone Coat Countertop epoxy. This give us the very professional results we're looking for. On raw wood slabs and raw wood you'll need to seal them with a seal coat of Stone Coat first. We use 1 ounce of Stone coat per square foot of raw wood to be sealed. We like 2-3 seal coats on raw wood and concrete depending on how pores the wood is? Also, if you're going to coat your concrete countertops then you need to apply seal coats as well.

How long do I wait to pour another coat of Stone Coat Countertop epoxy?

We recommend waiting 24 hours after skim coats, and 24 hours after flood coats. Make sure to pour the Stone Coat Countertop in the correct temperature 65-80 degrees. If the material has fully dried to the touch make sure and scuff sand with 220 grit sand paper, clean off dust, then pour your next coat.

How do I pour over a vertical edge?

Use the base color and accent spray paints to pre apply color to edges, Now you're ready to apply your flood coats. For coating large pieces that will be vertical such as back splash and shower walls we make these out of MDF panels and pour them horizontal, then after they have dried we hang them and apply them to the walls using 100% silicone adhesive.

What is the tool to apply the epoxy?

We use a 1/8 x 1/8 x 1/8 square notch trowel and a nylon bristle brush. You'll need a new brush for each coat, but just lay your trowel with the teeth facing up and you can reuse it over and over.

What temperature does the Stone Coat Epoxy need to be & what temperature does the room need to be to apply Stone Coat Countertop epoxy?

Both the product and the ambient temperature need to be 60 - 80 degrees before applying.

How much working time do I have after I pour the Stone Coat on the surface?

About 45 min if the temperature is 60-80 degrees. We suggest working with each piece of a large project as it's own small project. When you have coated part of your large kitchen and got it to look just how you like then it's a good time to mix more epoxy and tackle the remainder of the project. We start on a small piece and practice out technique and get approval by our customers, then with the thumbs up we match the rest of the kitchen with the look we accomplished on a small stress free size piece.

What do I use for my base color before applying my Stone Coat Countertop epoxy?

On MDF we use Behr paint & Primer in one tinted to our color. On formica, corian, and tile we apply XIM peel bond, or Stone Coat Countertops Bonding Primer. Make sure you sand glossy surfaces before applying the primer. You can also use the base colores we provide on our products page. These are the base colors we use when refinishing laminate countertops. The great thing about Stone Coat Countertop base color is it can also tint up to 2 full gallons of our epoxy by mixing it directly with our clear epoxy!

How long before can I place heavy things on my countertop after applying Stone Coat countertop epoxy?

48 hrs to use, Stone Coat epoxy will continue to cure for 30 days to reach its full hardness. Sometimes heavy objects will leave small marks when they have been left on the countertop. To remove the dents use a blow dryer and warm the material and it'll self level.